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This session was SO fun! With a family session at home sometimes it’s nice to plan an activity around the photos. It helps make everyone a bit more comfortable and you don’t feel like you need to look at me and say ‘Cheese’ the whole time (please never do this! ha). I suggested a few […]

What’s happening in this session? A whole lot of everyday life. Building, cuddling, jumping, running, colouring, snacking, hiding, tickling. With toddler twins I know the session needs to be led by them. Not making them sit in a certain position or asking them to look at me. I take their cues and just let them […]

I am loving these Bedhead Sessions! Short, sweet but with all the fun and love of a regular session. I think with removing the stress of getting dressed and going somewhere, the kids can really be themselves for me and we just play! There’s only a few weeks left if you want to book your […]

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Happy New Year everyone! Our year has been off to a great start with the exception of my computer conking out on me 🙁 It was a long time coming so luckily I had ordered a new one the day before it finally bit the dust! My husband and I have booked a trip to […]

What a fun afternoon with this crew. I think this was our last ‘fall’ weekend so I’m glad we squeezed this session in! Not to say that family photos can’t be done in the winter. Christmas tree farm – Hot Cocoa – Plaid Blankets – Toques – there are still lots of fun winter options!

More below from my fall sessions this year. Another family I get to catch up with year after year 🙂 I’m off to Toronto on Thursday for a little visit with my brother and bringing my middle son. Last year I took my oldest with me for a visit and this year it’s Hugh’s turn. […]