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Location, location, location? | family photos calgary |

July 6, 2020

Filed in: Families

Do you need a fancy/trendy location for your family photos? Nope, not at all. All of these photos were taken in the front yard of this family’s home. Is it nice to go to another location sometimes? For sure but don’t feel like you have to. Especially with young kids staying at home may be your best bet. You have all their comforts there. You don’t need to time their nap with a car drive. If they need a quick diaper change – easy peasy. What we’re looking for in photos is the fun, love and emotion of your family. While a beautiful location is great, if it impedes on the happiness of your kids then forget it. Stay at home and wait until they’re a bit older to do the cool location. An added bonus is that you get their childhood home in the photos which I think is pretty cool too!

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