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So I learned something this Spring – you can’t predict Cherry Blossom’s in Calgary! I learned something else as well – they’re not actually cherry blossoms, ha! But that’s what I’m going to call them for now as I think that’s how most people in Calgary refer to these blooms. Correct me if I’m wrong! […]

Oftentimes parents get photos of their kids when they’re little and then as they get a bit older and your family gets busier photo sessions stop happening. Try not to let this happen. Does this mean getting photos every year? No. If that’s not feasible try for every 3 years. So much growth and change […]

Summer family photo sessions in Calgary for only $425! ⛱️ With a busy summer ahead of me I thought I’d offer up some special Calgary summer sessions on certain dates. 😎 There are 10 spots available and once they’re gone I won’t be adding more. Click HERE for all the info and a direct link […]

My heart is so full after holding this year’s Mother’s Day Mini sessions. I love that Moms take this time to celebrate themselves and their kids! Venue 308 in Calgary, Alberta is the perfect place for these Calgary Mini sessions! These are just a few of my favourites from the day. Thank you to everyone […]

I met this family on a beautiful fall evening at St. Patrick’s Island in Calgary, Alberta. I love the mix of nature and modern metal bridges. There’s a nice little loop we can walk together for photos, passing bridges and the river and finally ending at the playground for the kids! As you can see […]

From Mom: ‘Thank you so much for the photos, Virginia! You perfectly captured A’s little smile and every time I look at them I’m filled with joy. I’m so glad we have pictures of him at this age.’ This makes me so happy! I love capturing moments of little ones at home in their most […]

Tis’ the season for Fall family photos! This fall has been busier than ever and I love getting to see all my regular families and meeting new ones!

My recent family photo session at Sheep River Provincial Park in Alberta was nothing short of a breathtaking adventure. The picturesque combination of the perfect weather and the stunning mountain landscape created an idyllic backdrop for capturing moments of fun with the kids. Against the backdrop of the majestic Rockies and the tranquil Sheep River, […]

A sweet at home session with Mom, Dad and toddler! Are you considering a family photo session this year? Send me a message and let’s talk about how we can make your photo session special and unique to your family! To see more of my family photography please click HERE.