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Going From One to Two | maternity photos calgary |

January 24, 2017

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Sometimes when we think of maternity photos it’s easy to just think of the typical belly shots but maternity photos can be so much more than that. To me, especially when it’s for a second or third baby, it’s so fun to document the pregnancy as a family. You’ll see in the photos below that the pregnancy is highlighted in some of the photos but really the session was about family and their connection. This is the last time this family will be a family of three. They of course have something even better to look forward to but I think, especially for Moms, there’s a little sadness in saying goodbye to the original little family. Maybe a little trepidation or fear of the unknown. As a Mom of three myself I felt this but trust me it only gets better!
I came across this article recently and I love how this Mom is so honest about her fears of having a second child but how she’s realizing that having a second is SO much different than having your first. You’re a lot more confident in your abilities which makes all of the day to day tasks so much easier. There’s other challenges to face of course but you can love two kids just as much as one. I was always worried about not giving the kids enough attention but you quickly realize that when you’re not able to give all of yourself they have their sibling to take over.
I just know this little guy will be the best big brother. He is the sweetest little boy. So if you’re pregnant with your second or third (or fourth!) child, think about having FAMILY photos taken before the baby arrives. Document that special bond you have right now.
And…just as I finished writing this my five year old says to me, “Mom so how DOES a baby get in your tummy? Is it like a crumb that turns into a baby?” – yes, yes it is 🙂

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