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January 19, 2017

We’re coming up to Valentine’s Day and I wanted to share with you the CUTEST little Classroom Valentines cards I got from Minted! First off, this is probably the earliest I’ve EVER bought Valentine’s cards but I was browsing on Minted’s site as I tend to do at least once a week and I saw these cards and I couldn’t help myself.
The kids all picked out their favourite design and not until I received them did I realize we had a food theme happening! Tacos for Oliver, ice cream for Vivi and sushi for Hugh.
Vivi was my little model for the day. She’s started that smile that every kid does at some point which is showing me ALL the teeth! I think she was just happy that I was finally letting her touch the cards that I’d been telling her to leave alone for the past hour. Within minutes of these photos being finished she had ripped that card into shreds…
Some of my other favourites are this unicorn one, this lumberjack which I tried to convince Hugh to pick but he was having none of that, and this cactus. But truly there are SO many to choose from!
This year I’m hoping to create some Valentine’s traditions. Is this a thing? Do other people do this? I feel like we’ve really put Valentine’s low on the totem pole of things to celebrate but I think tradition is important for kids and MAYBE we’ll add this into the mix. (Or quite possibly these cards will be the extent of it!) What are your Valentine’s traditions?
One thing I know that Oliver has absolutely LOVED is coming home from school on Valentine’s Day and going through all of his cards. In the past they’ve made special pouches in class to hold their cards and he is so excited to pick each one out one by one and talk about the picture and read what it says. Sometimes I forget that while I admittedly look at the pile of cards wondering how long he’ll want to keep them for, the kids really do treasure these cards from their friends. I’m happy Hugh gets to experience this for the first time this year.
HOPEFULLY Vivi doesn’t rip their cards to shreds 😉
Classroom Valentines cards

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