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February 2, 2017

This sweet couple was gifted their newborn session from a dear friend. Obviously I’m biased but I do think giving the gift of photography to new parents is a really special gift.
I make it really easy for you to give a session with me as a gift. Simply click HERE. Done. I’ll send you a beautiful card for you to give your friend/family.
NOW, what if you’re the one expecting and you really want photos with me? And maybe you would love if your friends and family could contribute to your session? Like at your baby shower? Contact me and we’ll figure out the best solution for you. I can print some gorgeous little cards to go into your invitations giving your friends and family all the info they need to contribute. Basically they’re just going to go to this link and choose whatever amount they’d like to contribute. Whomever purchases a gift card will be sent a lovely card they can give you at your shower. So easy!

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