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Did you know you can see full galleries of my work? It’s nice to see a few of the best shots from a session but I also think it’s important that you see a full gallery from me. This gives you a much better idea of what you will receive. I know photography is an […]

People often say Calgary is a big city with a small town feel and it really is. After it taking me an hour and a half to get to their house (roads were terrible this morning!) I met this sweet family today to photograph their newborn twins. Chatting and getting to know them, Mom and […]

I was in awe of this Mom during our session. A toddler, two dogs, newborn twins and in-laws visiting. She took it all in stride. I always say the biggest determinant of our session going well is not how baby(s) are doing but how Mom and Dad are doing. Calm, happy parents always make a […]

What’s happening in this session? A whole lot of everyday life. Building, cuddling, jumping, running, colouring, snacking, hiding, tickling. With toddler twins I know the session needs to be led by them. Not making them sit in a certain position or asking them to look at me. I take their cues and just let them […]

Twins are fascinating aren’t they? I always wanted to be a twin when I was younger. I was convinced for a long time that I did have a twin and that she was given up for adoption. I would look through my parents drawers trying to find that hidden birth certificate or that extra baby […]

Two sneak peeks tonight! First up is a session with twins! A boy and a girl. They were soooo good for me today. Multiples are hard but they made it easy for me. Then last night I had a session with a family visiting from Texas. They are only here for 3 days and we […]

Ok I’ll admit it. Sometimes photography sessions aren’t fun for everyone. Sometimes someone doesn’t want to get their picture taken. When that someone is a 1-3 year old, well, Mom’s of 1-3 year olds you understand. They’re not always so susceptable to bribery yet (ice cream anyone?) and if they decide they don’t want their […]

These little girls were my first set of twins to photograph and I’ll be honest, it was hard! Get one asleep, the other one’s awake, get that one asleep, the other one wakes up and round and round we went! This is the life of parent’s with twins I imagine and kudos to them! The […]