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I wanna be a twin |twin photographer calgary|

October 21, 2012

Filed in: Newborn

Twins are fascinating aren’t they? I always wanted to be a twin when I was younger. I was convinced for a long time that I did have a twin and that she was given up for adoption. I would look through my parents drawers trying to find that hidden birth certificate or that extra baby photo that wasn’t my brother or I. Weird child, wasn’t I? I think I watched too much Parent Trap (not the Lindsay Lohan version, the Hayley Mills version, must see). Well this little brother and sister are so lucky to have each other and as a bonus they have a big brother too! I saw Mom recently out and about with the three kids and I was so impressed. Mainly impressed that she actually attempted to go out with all three kids and really impressed that she did it while looking amazing and all the kids were happy. I will have to find out her secret! Here is their beautiful family.

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