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The most obvious reason is no need to worry about the weather! We know in Calgary this is always a thing. Perfect weather at 10am, awful weather at 2pm. Rain, wind, snow – none of this matters when you choose to do your photos inside! You get to wear whatever you want! This goes back […]

Family photo sessions during the winter tend to slow down. I think most people think of going outside when it’s comes to family photos but this session is proof that an indoor winter photo session can be amazing! There are a few benefits to choosing to do your family photo session indoors. If you are […]

This family came all the way from Fort McMurray for a mountain session! As I was driving to Canmore, the fog and rain was so thick you could not see a single mountain – not the top, not the side, nothing. OMG. I admit I was freaking out a little inside. I knew I could […]

This session was SO fun! With a family session at home sometimes it’s nice to plan an activity around the photos. It helps make everyone a bit more comfortable and you don’t feel like you need to look at me and say ‘Cheese’ the whole time (please never do this! ha). I suggested a few […]

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