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Why you just might love an In-Home Session

March 20, 2023

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The most obvious reason is no need to worry about the weather!

We know in Calgary this is always a thing. Perfect weather at 10am, awful weather at 2pm. Rain, wind, snow – none of this matters when you choose to do your photos inside!

You get to wear whatever you want!

This goes back to weather but so often clients will have their perfect outfit picked out and then – weather! You end up putting a coat over your child’s cute outfit because they’re freezing. You get to wear the shoes you want without worrying about traipsing through the mud. Or, wear no shoes at all! AND, if someone spills, you have a change of clothing at your reach.

The comforts of home.

This is a big one, especially with little ones. Their blankies, favourite books and toys. Simply the comfort of being in their normal environment will help them warm up to taking photos. Kids LOVE showing me their rooms and I love them walking me through! We can incorporate more of what makes them ‘them’ by being at home too! Do they like playing the drums, putting on dance parties, baking cookies? These are the fun things we can do during an at-home session that we can’t do outside.

Bathrooms, snacks!

You know, the ‘BS’ that comes with having kids 😉 No matter how much you prepare they inevitably ALWAYS need more snacks and have to go pee at the most inopportune times. At home we can stop as much as you want. Get the snacks in, take the potty break. It’s so much easier at home with littles.

Are you considering an in-home family photo session this year? Send me a message and let’s talk about how we can make your family photo session special and unique to your family!

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