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January 30, 2020

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I was at yoga last night and my teacher was talking about mental health as it was Bell’s Let’s Talk Day. She was saying how really simple things can make someone feel worthy – like they matter. She recounted a story about it being her nephew’s 9th birthday. She Facetime’d him and told him she would never forget the day he was born and then told him the story of the snow storm and how they almost didn’t make it to the hospital but then he was born and everyone was so excited – Grandma to have her first grandchild and her to have her first nephew. He was so happy to hear this story and feel important. As she was talking I thought about how similar this is to what I say about photos. Family photos can give that same sense of importance and sense of belonging. Feeling like you are part of something, that you’re important, that you have this tribe of people that love you is so important to mental health. I know 100% that looking through family photo albums and seeing our family photos up on the wall is beneficial to my kids. And no, it’s not quite the same if they’re on your phone – it’s just different. So whether you hire a professional photographer or have Uncle Bob take your photos, remember that it’s not frivolous, it’s good for your family to see themselves be loved in a photo.

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