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Hair Envy |family photos calgary|

March 29, 2013

I’m noticing more and more that my clients are a lot like me. They have the same tastes in restaurants, clothing, furniture. These clients were no exception. Earlier in the day I had gotten a disaster haircut. Ugh. We’ve all had one right? Well I’ve had a few too many. This one involves taking my long hair chopping it so I can barely get a ponytail and giving me REALLY short bangs. If you know me and know what I look like you are probably shuddering at the thought of this. Not so good. Anyways, I pull up to this session and the Mom has the EXACT hair cut and colour I had wanted. So of course I got her hair dresser’s name and number and you know where I’m going next time! These are some of my favourites from our session but I must say my absolute favourites are the ones of the kids together. When my boys are this age I want these exact photos. Enjoy Easter everyone!

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