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December 5, 2012

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One of the ironies of being a photographer is that once you are successful and running your full time business all those people you practiced on to get where you are don’t reap the benefits! (Sorry kids! I wish I were joking but I’m not really). So I’m so glad I was able to photograph one of my oldest and best friends and her family. She has been such a great supporter of mine over the years and has referred me so many new clients it was about time I repaid her with her own photography session.

These last three photos are using a fun new tool I have. I took a photo of Lisa’s wall using her iPad (photo can be taken with any camera) and then I’m able to show her how several different wall configurations will look! I love this and I think it will be so helpful to my clients. Sometimes you just need to see it in real life to decide if you want it. It definitely helps you to see how different sizes of photos will appear on the wall because the best part is that the image is calibrated so the proportions are all correct! You can even see how different coloured frames and different size mats will look. You can let Lisa know – which wall gallery do you like best?

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