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September 28, 2011

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This month I’m starting something new on the blog. I’d like to begin featuring local businesses related to babies, pregnancy and families in the Calgary area. My first feature blog post is with Meghan Brown of Newborns & Nurseries Inc. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Meghan in the last few months and I know whomever uses her services will be in very good hands. If you are a client of Newborns & Nurseries Inc. enjoy a 15 percent discount off of your session fee with Sweet Ginger Photography! Here we go…

Hi Meghan! Give us 5 vital stats on YOU:

– Local Calgary mom.
– IABPP certified Baby Planning Professional.
– Pursuing a certificate as a certified childbirth educator.
– Member of CAPPA Canada.
– Forum director and member of the International Maternity Institute.
Tell us all about your business:
Newborns & Nurseries Inc. Baby Planning is a Calgary based business focused on providing education and support for soon to be parents in all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood. We offer customized services ranging from baby shower planning, birth support and education right up to postpartum planning and doula support. Newborns & Nurseries Inc. emphasizes heavily on the importance of parental empowerment and educated decision making, we are here to help parents navigate through the infinite amount of information available to expecting families. Maintaining a low stress environment during pregnancy is so vitally important for the health and safety of both mom and baby, we take on the stress of preparation so families can enjoy this incredible, life changing transition!
What led you to starting your business? What drives you?
The inspiration for Newborns & Nurseries Inc. came from my own personal experience as a new mom. The options and opinions were incredibly overwhelming for me, and I found myself losing my own voice as a mother and lacking confidence in my ability to make decisions. Sometimes we second guess ourselves and seek the opinions of others for our parenting concerns, the problem is that what worked for your friend or your mom might not work for your family. I wanted to create a resource where parents could receive information customized for their specific needs, somewhere where people never felt judged or pressured to make one decision or another. Our mission is to provide totally unbiased support for our families, regardless of personal beliefs or previous experiences. We were born to be parents, sometimes we all need a little reminder and a helping hand to regain the connection to our intuition!
How can you help my blog readers?
Families working with Sweet Ginger Photography are invited to check out the services provided by Newborns & Nurseries Inc., we can provide a level of education and support not currently anywhere else in the Calgary community and help individuals make the transition from couple to family.
Where can we find you, call you, email you?
You can find us at, call at (403) 606-7648, or email me directly at
Any last words?
We are so excited to be part of the maternity and parenting community in Calgary, the response has been overwhelming and so very positive, hopefully this marks the beginning of a new level of support for our parents! Confident, capable parents raise confident, capable children. If you’re interested in our services please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, and if you’re interested in becoming a baby planner yourself please contact me for more details.
Newborns & Nurseries Inc. will be down at the Calgary Baby & Tot Show October 15th and 16th, I will also be presenting on postpartum planning and care both days at 4:00pm, come check it out and say hi!
If you own a local business related to pregnancy, babies or families in the Calgary area and would like to be featured on the Sweet Ginger Photography blog please contact me for details!

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