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To Oliver, Love Mom

April 20, 2010

Today is my little boy Oliver’s 2nd birthday. I can’t believe he’s two already! Mind you, when he was two weeks old I thought, ‘I can’t believe he’s two weeks old!’ ha ha. I decided for his 2nd birthday that I would dedicate a full day to photographing him. You may think because I’m a photographer that I have all these photos of my family but I don’t….and I am constantly feeling tugging guilt about this. I have the tool at my disposal and I honestly don’t use it as much as I should. So I thought I’d make up for this lack of photos by spending from sunrise to sunset with just Oliver and my camera and let me tell you it was so worth it. Not only was it worth it to have a truckload of images to remember my son at this age but it was worth it to actually SPEND the day with him. I’m sure I’m not the only stay at home Mom who finds they’ve passed through an entire day without actually ‘seeing’ their child. And by this I mean, you were with them the entire day but there was making breakfast, cleaning up, going to the store, naptime, meeting with friends, dinner and bed and throughout all of that maybe you forgot to get down and play with your child. Hey, I’m the first to admit this happens to me more than I may like. So this day was special in so many ways to me and I think if you have the time and inclination it is such a great way to capture your child as they are – the laughs, the tears, the little things. Maybe it’s weird, but yes I did want to remember what Oliver ate for breakfast when he was two and what he wore after his bath and what his little legs looked like stemming from his diaper. I have a bad memory (like terrible) and I know I will forget these things and now I have it documented so in twenty years seeing that he had peanut butter and banana toast will probably make me bawl like a baby. I took a LOT of images that day but I couldn’t fit them all into the slideshow so here are some of my favourites and the ones that tell the story of his day the best. Please turn on your speakers, I’ve chosen Jack Johnson’s Upside Down song because it seemed to fit so well with my little guy. Here are a few lines from the song that I thought spoke so well to a two year old:
And as my mind begins to spread its wings
There’s no stopping curiosity
I want to turn the whole thing upside down
I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found
I’ll share this love I find with everyone
We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s songs
I don’t want this feeling to go away

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  1. Lindsay says:

    How absolutely wonderful!! What a great idea and keepsake for both you and Oliver! LOVE LOVE LOVE the “potty” pictures – so typical 2!

  2. Erin P says:

    I love love love it! What a great idea. You have such a beautiful little guy.

  3. Kelly says:

    So sweet Virginia! Oliver is a doll. You’ve inspired me to do the same (except with 2 boys I’m going to have to do it on a random day) – but hope to capture them as them just as you did Oliver. You’ll both LOVE having this in years to come.

  4. LOVE it Virginia
    I am going to do this with my nephew as well, thought it would be a great idea.

  5. Robyn says:

    Happy birthday to Oliver! This is just awesome Virginia!

  6. Becky says:

    what a wonderful birthday present for oliver! i wish i could be there to see all of it, because it is amazing! I can’t believe Oliver is already 2 so i can’t imagine how you must be feeling! I remember meeting him for the first time and be so scared to hold him because he was so tiny! Great job Vee!!!

  7. Alisa says:

    Aw, super sweet. Looks like he’s a busy little guy! I hope you have a great day with him today 🙂

  8. Danielle says:

    LOVE the song (used it for my son’s adoption video too!) and what an amazing idea and keepsake for him Virginia! Awesome work! And you’ve inspired me to want to do this for my kiddos!

  9. Ingrid says:

    That was Spectacular!!! What a special treasure. I think you started something, need to do it once a year…..

  10. Heather Sweetapple says:

    What a great idea Virginia! My favourite ones are when he is jumping on your bed! Looks like he had a fun day 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    What a great slideshow! You will love looking back at it and remembering that special day!

  12. Melissa W says:

    He is so stinkin’ cute! This made me all teary eyed. What a wonderful keepsake for your family. You’ve inspired me to do this with my two. Thank you!

  13. Robyn says:

    That is so beautiful! You really captured those little moments that tend to get over looked in a day! It is a good reminder to stop and watch your children, see what they are like TODAY. I might have to borrow this idea for Ashlyn’s 3rd bday!! And happy 2nd birthday to Oliver 🙂

  14. I think he looks like you in the monkey towel. Awesome slideshow, you’re a good photographer mom for making this for him. I love it!

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