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It’s almost time for my next workshop coming up this Saturday. I had a cancellation so if you’d like the spot, you can register HERE. Learn how to use your camera and take some great summer shots! I am photographing six newborns this week, can’t wait to snuggle them all 🙂 Below are some favourites […]

Wow I’m so glad we did these photos when we did as Mom went into labour the next evening. I just took her maternity photos last week and was at their house today to take some newborn photos! Their little baby girl arrived a bit early but healthy and beautiful. A sneak peek of baby’s […]

From my maternity session on Saturday. Loved seeing this family again and getting offered ice cream from their little guy! Happy Canada Day everyone!

A peek from my session last night.

Another sneak peek from the weekend!

Two couples. First baby for both. They live within 5 minutes of each other. Due around the same time…hmm, perhaps I should set these guys up. I have been known to play matchmaker with my newborn families. There’s nothing better than being able to hang out with another new Mom for company, having a quick […]

I am hoping to hear some good news from this couple very soon! Their baby is due New Year’s Day. How fun. I hope they get to be Calgary’s first baby of the year, pretty sure you win a prize of some sort and bragging rights 🙂 We are gearing up for New Year’s Eve […]

You’re pregnant, you’re excited, you start to plan. You plan the nursery, the birth, the baby classes. You start a library of baby books and you buy out Baby Gap but what about you? You will go and buy some maternity clothes but will you love them? Maybe, maybe not. You’re working with a whole […]

I am the queen of lame blog titles lately! Here’s a sneak peek of my session with this beautiful mama to be.