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Oftentimes parents get photos of their kids when they’re little and then as they get a bit older and your family gets busier photo sessions stop happening. Try not to let this happen. Does this mean getting photos every year? No. If that’s not feasible try for every 3 years. So much growth and change […]

Summer family photo sessions in Calgary for only $425! ⛱️ With a busy summer ahead of me I thought I’d offer up some special Calgary summer sessions on certain dates. 😎 There are 10 spots available and once they’re gone I won’t be adding more. Click HERE for all the info and a direct link […]

Tis’ the season for Fall family photos! This fall has been busier than ever and I love getting to see all my regular families and meeting new ones!

A sweet Spring family photo session at Weaselhead Flats in Calgary. Are you considering a family photo session this year? Send me a message and let’s talk about how we can make your photo session special and unique to your family! To see more of my family photography please click HERE.

High Park in downtown Calgary is such a fun location! Especially if your kids are 10-teen it’s a perfect spot. There’s ping pong, cornhole, hopscotch, you could even have a family basketball game! When there’s something to DO there’s less self-consciousness about the camera. With the Calgary Tower in the background and all the colour […]

Family photo sessions during the winter tend to slow down. I think most people think of going outside when it’s comes to family photos but this session is proof that an indoor winter photo session can be amazing! There are a few benefits to choosing to do your family photo session indoors. If you are […]

Are you considering a family photo session in Calgary? I’ve been taking photos of Calgary families for over 13 years and these locations are some of my tried and true favourites. Whether you have a 5 month old or a teenager, there’s a perfect spot in Calgary for you and your family. I’ll give you […]

Now that we’re out of the deep freeze winter photo sessions can start up again! These sessions don’t have to be an hour. Below are some of my favourites from this family’s session. We were only out for 30 minutes but we still able to get a ton of great photos. If you would like […]