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The most obvious reason is no need to worry about the weather! We know in Calgary this is always a thing. Perfect weather at 10am, awful weather at 2pm. Rain, wind, snow – none of this matters when you choose to do your photos inside! You get to wear whatever you want! This goes back […]

When I held my contest on Instagram last week and asked everyone to tell me why family photos were important to them I was blown away by the response. I just loved seeing everyone’s responses and it was such a good reminder of why I do this. I noticed 3 common themes in the responses: […]

Charge What You’re Worth I’ll never apologize for my prices. I’m worth it. That may sound blunt but it’s true. I did not start last week, I’m not your neighbour with a hobby, this has been my profession for 14 years and I’m good at it. I’ve brought in well over 1 million in sales […]

Family photo sessions during the winter tend to slow down. I think most people think of going outside when it’s comes to family photos but this session is proof that an indoor winter photo session can be amazing! There are a few benefits to choosing to do your family photo session indoors. If you are […]

Did you already read my post on Calgary’s Best Outdoor Family Photo Locations? Well this follow up is about my favourite urban locations in Calgary for family photos. Oftentimes families, especially with small children, like to go to familiar parks near their home for photos. But once you’ve done a session there it’s fun to […]

Are you considering a family photo session in Calgary? I’ve been taking photos of Calgary families for over 13 years and these locations are some of my tried and true favourites. Whether you have a 5 month old or a teenager, there’s a perfect spot in Calgary for you and your family. I’ll give you […]

It’s so fun to see this family year after year and watching the kids grow up! We decided to do this year’s photos in Calgary’s East Village neighbourhood. This is such a great spot for family photos especially with older kids. Lots to see, lots to do and some really interesting backdrops! If you are […]

This first photo – so darn cute! I know I’m there for the baby but I love to get in some pup photos too! I loved seeing this family again for newborn photos although this time I had some stiff competition from older brother – he might take over the photography from here on out!

Now that we’re out of the deep freeze winter photo sessions can start up again! These sessions don’t have to be an hour. Below are some of my favourites from this family’s session. We were only out for 30 minutes but we still able to get a ton of great photos. If you would like […]