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Always some of my favourite sessions. Mini maternity sessions take place at Venue 308 in Calgary, Alberta. These 20 minute sessions might sound quick but we can get a lot done in 20 minutes! Even an outfit change. I can give you lots of variety and photos in a short period. I have been taking […]

Why Book a Maternity Session? To learn more about my maternity sessions or to book your own mini maternity session please click HERE.

Maternity Mini Sessions Would you like maternity photos before your little one arrives but just don’t need a full session? Do you have other little ones (or perhaps a reluctant husband!) and a short and sweet session sounds more bearable than an hour long session? Do you just want some great photos of your pregnant […]

Sometimes when we think of maternity photos it’s easy to just think of the typical belly shots but maternity photos can be so much more than that. To me, especially when it’s for a second or third baby, it’s so fun to document the pregnancy as a family. You’ll see in the photos below that […]