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These Bedhead sessions are some of my favourites. It’s so casual and fun for the kids! Put on pajamas and have fun! No rules, just jump on the bed and play with your siblings. This is the second time this family has had a bedhead session as they loved their first photos so much! Are […]

Sometimes family photos get a bad rap. It’s stressful to prepare, you have to convince some family members to participate and then getting everyone dressed on top of that! But what if family photos were something to look forward to every year? What if we changed our mindset and made family photos a special tradition […]

A snippet of the stock photography I did for Rachel of Haute Stock. Many of these are part of her Coastal Living Collection coming soon!

This session was SO fun! With a family session at home sometimes it’s nice to plan an activity around the photos. It helps make everyone a bit more comfortable and you don’t feel like you need to look at me and say ‘Cheese’ the whole time (please never do this! ha). I suggested a few […]