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“Colombia?” That was many people’s first reaction when I told them our next travel destination. It’s not on people’s radar as much as some other popular destinations like Costa Rica but put it on your list! It’s becoming more and more popular and I think it would be good to go there now before tourism […]

Aloha! I’m excited to unveil my newest addition to the SGP Print Shop – the Hawaiian Print Collection! 🌴 📷 If you’re a Hawaii fan – and who isn’t? – hopefully you’ll enjoy the beauty of the island of Oahu through my lens. ☀️ Whether you love black and white or the blue and turquoise […]

Almost one year later and I’m finally writing about our family trip to Italy! Have you thought about doing this trip with your family but it seems out of reach? If you do any research on Google the amounts most sites suggest to bring per person per day are outrageous! Could you spend that much? […]

We just returned from Hawaii and I wanted to share my tips on how we reduced our spending as Hawaii is VERY expensive. Kevin and I are pretty frugal but that’s how we afford to travel quite a bit. We choose carefully where to spend our money and sacrifice some small things in order to […]

‘Wow you’re brave!’ – I’ve heard this from several people now when I tell them we took the kids to Germany. I honestly don’t find it that difficult to do a trip like this anymore. Our flights this time were the easiest we’ve ever done. Now that Vivi’s 4 and watches tv and movies a […]