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Considerations when choosing a photographer

June 11, 2019

Filed in: Newborn

A newborn session to me isn’t just about baby – especially when there’s siblings! Of course it’s nice to have the individual photos but the action-packed craziness of Mom, Dad, brother, sister and baby are so much more fun! I hope when this little guy looks back on these photos 20 years from now he sees how fun and happy his family was when he was born. He’ll see that his big brother ate his weight in raisins during the shoot 🙂 He’ll see his big sister already showing her protectiveness over him, and he’ll see that his Mom and Dad easily had enough love and cuddles for all of them. Yes, you can take a million photos with your iphone and some good ones at that! BUT you can’t capture your whole family the same way – you just can’t. This is why I hire a photographer every year too. Someone else observing and capturing those moments to show you your family from their perspective. This is why it’s so important when choosing your photographer to understand what their perspective is. My subjects feed off my energy. So if I’m standing stoic and directing them to touch here, move your leg, look solem – likely that’s what the photos will portray. But I love fun, cheerful and bright photos showing lots of smiles, laughter and connection. When choosing your photographer, after considering their style, talent, experience make sure to take a close look at how their subjects look to be feeling in the photos. Do they look comfortable? Do they have a pasted on smile? Are they stiff? Too posed? Being a good photographer has a lot to do with skill but being a family photographer has even MORE to do with connecting with your clients and ensuring they’re able to let go and be themselves in front of you.

A recent newborn session I did with the Lo family – and yes there was a little tea party mixed into it too!

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