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10 Years in Business! | calgary family photographer |

March 6, 2019

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10 years ago I decided I would be a photographer.⠀

No experience. I just thought ‘I think I’d be good at this’ – blind confidence – I kept on.⠀

I remember telling people and I could see the skepticism in their eyes – I kept on.⠀

I taught myself how to be a photographer. I read books and blogs and practiced, practiced, practiced (what’s that saying? It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill?). I made loads of mistakes – I kept on.⠀

I looked to many other photographers for inspiration – I never lived up to them. I’ve learned over these years to not compare myself, it’s a battle I never win – move on, keep going.⠀

I’ve had to learn to be the marketer, accountant, social media specialist, computer tech, website builder, graphic designer, art director, and so on. I had no idea I was signing up for all of these jobs but I kept on.⠀

I’ve seen many friends and colleagues come and go in this industry. It’s not always easy and the market is saturated with us ‘photographers’ – we’re everywhere. But if this is your passion, keep on.⠀

Because what I’ve learned over 10 years is that I could not possibly have a better career. I am surrounded by new life, children, families, love, friendships and support. Good things come with really hard work. So whatever passion you are pursuing, work hard, treat your clients well and⠀

Keep on.⠀

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