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February 16, 2017

I’m oftened asked by maternity clients what they should wear for their session. What to wear for an indoor session can be a lot different than an outdoor one. Do I have to choose more than one outfit? Should I wear dark colours or light? A dress or pants? It can be overwhelming for some. A lot of my clients seem to be naturally good at dressing themselves (I’m not one of those people!). So if you’re like me and you need some guidance in this department I’ve come up with a few tips on dressing for indoor maternity photos.
1. Try and have at least two outfits picked out.
– If you like the more intimate looking ones I would choose one like that and another more clothed – all of the photos below were taken in one room with the exception of the silhouette’s. Having more than one outfit choice helps give variety to the session.
2. Light and layers always look great.
– A light coloured dress, white or off white, is flattering on everyone
– If it’s a loose dress a belt can help define the belly as well
Check out this one and this one.
3. Bralette and cardigan or soft button down shirt OR kimono
– I think a lace bralette works better in photos than a regular bra. It’s softer and the texture photographs well. (I love the combo this Mom chose or black bralette, chambray shirt and simple gold jewellery) Something like this one.
– Choose a soft single coloured cardigan – this super soft one has a bit of texture and just goes well with a soft looking maternity session
– If you’re going with a button down shirt, a chambray one looks great or a soft coloured shirt – think pale blue, pink, grey, white – check out this one in several colours
– A kimono drapes really well and would look great with a bralette or a body-hugging tank. A floral patterned kimono like this one is so pretty
4. Jeans and a tank
– Jeans look great BUT not maternity jeans. The giant elastic waist (which is so comfy!) doesn’t photograph well. Wear your pre-pregnancy jeans and we’ll leave them unbuttoned. Casual and cute.
5. Flowers or Greenery.
– A flower crown is completely up to you. If it’s not your thing, don’t get one. My clients have gotten theirs from Fleurish Flower Shop and Blue Hydrangea. Alternatively you could buy a beautiful bouquet to display in your room or some greenery. Plant has some great modern greenery to choose from. Something alive in a room always helps to add interest.
And that’s it! I’m going to start adding ideas to my Pinterest Board to help clients along with choosing their outfits. So follow along if you’d like some ideas and see the below maternity photos for some awesome outfit inspiration!

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