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Milk Bath Session | baby photographer calgary |

March 22, 2016

Milk Baths are making a comeback. I started to see recipes and photos recently and loved the look. Bath photos are always fun. Kids are contained and can’t run away so that helps a lot with taking their photos! The movement of the water and the reflections all make for more interesting photos. I loved the idea of a milk bath though, first for it’s beauty, they are gorgeous. I would be happy to just take photos of the water and flowers! Secondly, the milk hides the bits of our kids we probably don’t want to make public. Adding in these flowers from Blue Hydrangea Floral Boutique in Calgary and now we have something beautiful AND fun to engage the kids. I think a session like this would be Amazing for maternity photos. If you’d like to try this, please let me know.
Sometimes I like to show a whole session as I think it helps give potential clients an idea of what they will receive. So click below to see the full session.

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