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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

April 13, 2013

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eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!
I had to share this with all of you that read my blog. This little discovery has been the BEST thing to happen to my family. I spend so much time each week thinking about food and meals. What’s for dinner tonight, what’s for lunch now, what am I going to make later this week. I can easily spend a few hours a week trying to make a meal plan for the week and then the grocery list – and I hate it. I used to like doing this type of thing when I didn’t have kids but I am so busy that I really don’t have a leisurely few hours to spare a week doing this. The worst part is that I’ll make these plans and then I still don’t do a great job and inevitably I’ll still have to make an extra trip or two to the grocery store! So about three weeks ago I Googled ‘meal plan’ and I found the answer. I know I sound like an infomercial here but I really feel like this will help so many families I know.
So what am I talking about? It’s called eMeals. It is genius – GENIUS! You can choose from 11 different styles of eating – Low fat, Paleo, Classic, Natural Organic, etc. You choose whether you want the plan to be for a family of 4-6 or for 2 (I do 4-6). They email you a full week of meals each week WITH the grocery list. You can add on a lunch and breakfast plan as well. I also do the lunch plan because I am always at a loss for what to make for lunch. Same thing, they email you once a week with a lunch meal plan and the grocery list. With the lunch and dinner plans I pay $9 a month. So worth it. I figure even if I just signed up for 3 months I would have 12 weeks worth of meal plans I could rotate for the year. But I doubt I’d do this, I can’t see stopping, it is so convenient.
I do the Natural Organic meal plan and the food has been really delicious and easy to prepare not to mention healthy. The first time I did my grocery shopping on the plan I don’t think I’d ever bought that many vegetables and fruit ever in one shop. I thought for sure some would go bad but it didn’t because I had a plan – aha…Also the plans are designed with a budget in mind. So you know when a recipe calls for a teaspoon of fresh basil and then you have to go buy a container of basil that costs $3-$4 and you throw out the rest? The plans reuse ingredients so there is a lot less waste.
You never have to think about what to make. I just pin the meals up on my fridge and I know exactly what’s for lunch and dinner and I know all of the ingredients are in the fridge. I work a lot on the weekends and my husband is often at a loss as to what to make for lunch and dinner. Problem solved – it’s on the fridge, meal – instructions, too easy. So there’s my little recommendation, I hope if you struggle with meals in your household you give it a try 🙂
eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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