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March 14, 2013

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Have you ever wanted to pull an ‘Office Space‘ on your computer? This computer has failed on me three times in the past six weeks and non-computer savvy me has been replacing parts like nobody’s business (luckily I have a very computer savvy brother in Toronto that can Skype with me and tell me what to do!). If you see me out in a field in Calgary with a computer you know what I’m doing 😉
The above is my excuse for the delay in these sneak peeks 🙂 Two families – one whose kids are a bit older, they’ve got that connection, the inside jokes, the natural ease with each other. The other, brand new, discovering their new little member of the family, just soaking in their new baby. Both photos I chose hands to represent their closeness. I love how in the first photo their bodies are so close, hands are all intertwined and curled in towards each other. A family photo not showing faces is just as powerful to me as one that is. The second photo has the very gentle, protective hands of the new parents on their daughter. Both photos telling two different stories with the simplicity of their hands.

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