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Flash – Oh My! |calgary photographer|

September 24, 2012

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Every time I hold my Sweet Shots Workshops I tell the Moms that I NEVER use flash. Well I guess I can no longer say that because – GASP! – I used flash this weekend. I attended Nathan Elson’s Lighting Workshop on Sunday. I wanted to learn off camera flash for a couple of reasons. First, just so that I could say I know how to do it and add another little photography know-how notch in my belt and second, because I do plan on using it for a personal project in the next few months.
Nathan was a great teacher and took something that I thought was quite complicated down to the bare bones and made it simple. I was shocked that by the end of the day I felt I could definitely do this on my own. Also, what I liked was that it wasn’t a teacher setting up the lighting and the students shooting it. He gave us the equipment and that was it. We had to figure out what modifiers we wanted to use, what settings, everything. Of course he was there if we had questions but it was up to us to light our subjects. That is why I’m posting a couple of photos from the workshop. These shots were set up by me and lit by me and shot by me. So while I don’t plan on using off camera flash in my sessions (can you imagine me chasing a toddler with my camera in one hand and a giant light in another?), I am really glad I took this workshop with Nathan. Make sure to check out his blog as he is a fantastic Calgary photographer 🙂

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