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Interview with Mom |newborn photos Calgary|

May 3, 2012

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In an effort to help personalize my blog a bit more I thought I’d ask Mom, Jacqueline, a few questions. I always get the back story when I meet Mom and Dad so I thought I’d have Mom answer a few questions so that you, my blog readers, can get to know a little more about the lovely people I get to photograph! When I asked her about her funniest moment somehow I knew it would have something to do with poo – doesn’t it always? 🙂
A little back story…Elie was born at just 29 weeks. These photos were taken once he was a bit older and home from the hospital. Jacqueline has a blog Inside the Calgary NICU which provides resources and advice to parents with babies in the Calgary NICU and for any parent with a preemie.
What is the best part about being a Mom?
Elie’s birth was so surreal. I wasn’t able to hold him for a few days and in the first few weeks I was only allowed to hold him an hour a day, sometimes not even that long. But from the very start I had the most overwhelming sense to protect and love him. I wasn’t expecting to love him right away as much as I did and that has been the best part.
Why did you want photos taken of your family?
Life happens so fast and between his hospitalization and losing my father, I’ve been reminded that we cannot take anything for granted. I wanted photos to always remind us of how delicate life can be. When he’s older we’ll be able to look back at those gorgeous photos and remember how grateful we were to have him home with us.
What’s your favourite photo from our session and why?
My favourite photo from that day is the one with Elie and me where our faces are pressed against each other. We both look completely at ease and in sync.

What has been the funniest moment you’ve experienced as a parent?

When he had only been home for a few weeks, I had a bathing incident. I was washing his head and had him sitting on my knees leaning over a big bowl (he was only 5 lbs by the time he was 8 weeks old). It would only take me a minute to wash his face and head so I had already taken his diaper off. I felt something on my legs and looked down to discover he had poohed all over my legs! So funny and gross at the same time.
Lastly, when you look back on our session what do you remember most about that day?
Pride. Virginia, you were able to take such amazing photos and capture the awesomeness of his arrival. I remember beaming with pride when you were posing him for the naked sleeping photos, realizing that he was such a beautiful little monkey.

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