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Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility

November 29, 2011

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This month I am featuring Dr. Ann Zee from the Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility. I wish I had known about this place when I was pregnant with my boys. Simply walking into their clinic you feel a sense of calm. From prenatal massage to acupunture, yoga, etc., if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant please visit their site to see what they can offer you. I know Ann is very passionate about what she does and wants the very best for her patients. Read our short Q&A below to get to know her a little better!
Hi Ann! Give us 5 vital stats on YOU:
– have been practicing Acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since 2003
– pursuing my fellowship with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
– my very first Acupuncture patient was a fertility case = success!. a healthy boy
– in 2005 co-developed a research project on the efficacy of Acupuncture and addiction treatment
– spent time in the Asias practicing Acupuncture and learning more about TCM
Tell us all about your business:
We are a holistic clinic that uses acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), massage, chiropractic, reiki, craniosacral therapy, yoga and holistic nutrition to treat all general health conditions. We also specialize in helping patients improve their health in order to boost their fertility to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have healthy babies. We have a team of talented and caring therapists who have come together with one goal in mind-to help our patients feel better. All of our therapists have extensive training, professional memberships with our respective therapeutic associations and have years of experience.
What led you to starting your business? What drives you?
Originally, I didn’t want to work with fertility issues. It scared me as I felt that I couldn’t really offer the help women/couples were looking for. However, the universe had different plans for me and my fertility case load began to steadily increase over the years. I didn’t advertise that I worked with fertility, nor had any literature about it. People just kept on showing up on my doorstep. In the last few years, I have found my greatest success to be working with other therapies in conjunction with the acupuncture/TCM. As everyone has different needs, putting together customized treatment plans just naturally evolved. Another very important area of practice that has emerged is prenatal care. Once our patients achieve conception, helping them (and baby) to remain healthy has been key.
My drive comes simply from my desire to be in service to others. I honestly do not know what else we are supposed to do here on this earth.
How can you help my blog readers?
Hopefully to provide more therapeutic choices for your prenatal needs. We are also connected with midwives, prenatal doulas, birthing classes, postnatal doulas, prenatal services such as Sweet Ginger Photography and a really innovative service Newborns & Nurseries Inc. Baby Planning.
Where can we find you, call you, email you?
Suite 150, 4411-16th Ave NW
Calgary, AB
Tel: 403-984-3970
Any last words?
At the Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility (HIHF) we consider Alternative Medicine as the “other side” of medicine. We believe that both sides can co-exist effectively together. We pick up where Western Medicine leaves off by augmenting their protocols with our therapies.
**If you own a local business related to pregnancy, babies or families in the Calgary area and would like to be featured on the Sweet Ginger Photography blog please contact me for details!

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