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Marta Locklear Workshop |Calgary|Baby|Photographer

February 16, 2010

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I took Marta Locklear’s online workshop in January. Marta is not only a beautiful person but also a very talented photographer. Her images are dreamy, romantic, soft, whimsical and luscious (yes, a photograph can be luscious I think!) When you look at one of her images light plays a huge part. Light is the other subject in her photos. She taught me so much during the two week course but I think what has stuck with me most is her assertion to be your own photographer. Believe in your creativity and the results will show. I feel like I grew by leaps and bounds after taking this course. Here are a few things Marta wrote to me in my Final Review:
So…what do I say to you? The only thing that comes to mind is the same thing I told a very similar Workshop attendee of the past…
“Stop doing Workshops!”
I am not sure if I taught you anything…you clearly have “it”. Your work is solid, creative, very well composed, full of light, life, mood, lovely color palettes, etc. Maybe I just pushed you in the right direction or maybe just gave you the freedom to do what you already knew you could do. But girl you have it. You inspire me and I can’t wait to watch you grow.
You capture details like details need to be captured, you involve the environment but without making it distract. I am impressed.
Thank you for being awesome and an inspiration. Your work is fresh, clean, artistic and well done! I am looking forward to watching you grow!

Trust me, after reading that my jaw was on the floor. To have someone you admire so much write that to you is amazing. I am so looking forward to this year and photographing all of you. I want to inspire YOU and make YOUR jaw drop when you see your photos.
To see Marta’s work and to read about her workshop, please click here.
A few images I took during the Workshop.

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  1. Petra King says:

    awesome job!!! So well deserved too!

  2. oh wow! I totally concur. You inspired me greatly in the workshop. I can’t wait to see what you dream up and capture next. And expect me to keep bugging you 🙂

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