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Another sneak peek from the weekend!

From a newborn session this morning and a maternity session this afternoon. Happy Family Day weekend everyone!

This couple was just full of smiles during our session. I love how her blue dress just pops in these photos. A bright colour and an overcast day go so well together. Here are some of my favourites from our session!

I am hoping to hear some good news from this couple very soon! Their baby is due New Year’s Day. How fun. I hope they get to be Calgary’s first baby of the year, pretty sure you win a prize of some sort and bragging rights 🙂 We are gearing up for New Year’s Eve […]

Say what? Let me explain the Blog post title. I shot this family when they were pregnant with their little girl. They asked me back to photograph their second pregnancy. I haven’t seen this little girl since she was a newborn but let me say she was WAY easier to photograph back then. Mainly because […]

I am the queen of lame blog titles lately! Here’s a sneak peek of my session with this beautiful mama to be.

As parents or soon-to-be parents we all have wishes and dreams for our children. I thought it would be fun to ask this Mom and Dad to write down theirs and “plant” them for the baby. Mom loves to garden so this seemed to be the perfect fit. I loved watching them sit on the […]

A sneak peek of my session last night. This was a lot of fun, I got to try out some different props and I couldn’t have picked a better couple to do it with. I asked them to write what they call their baby right now – “Munchkin”! The downside of this session? I literally […]

Recently I have discovered the website The site allows you to put together outfits from several different retailers. You can create sets and collections and even shop from the site. It’s similar to Pinterest but for clothes. (Haven’t heard of Pinterest? Oh we’ll get to that another day!) The best part is that if […]

I am happy to say I am back to accepting client sessions! My little guy is almost six weeks old but has proven to be a lot easier than his older brother (although perhaps Mom & Dad are just a whole lot more relaxed this time around!). Seeing as he is still so little I […]