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I had the opportunity to fly to Kelowna for the day to do a few sessions. So fun to work in new locations!

I’d like to wish a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! I still have two spots left in my workshop if you’d like to join on Saturday June 4th from 2-5pm.

Loved everything about this session. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Before our session, Danielle had shown me her copy of the book ‘The Glow – An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood’ as her inspiration for our shoot. This book had some gorgeous imagery, I highly recommend it if you want to be inspired before your maternity photos!

It’s almost time for my next workshop coming up this Saturday. I had a cancellation so if you’d like the spot, you can register HERE. Learn how to use your camera and take some great summer shots! I am photographing six newborns this week, can’t wait to snuggle them all 🙂 Below are some favourites […]

So right before I left for this session my husband mentions that he heard on the radio that there’s no mosquitoes out yet. Oh good I thought. Well that was far from the truth! We were swarmed by mosquitoes during this shoot, I was surprised I didn’t have to edit out more than I did. […]

I am just LOVING the mountains in this session. Wow do we ever live in a beautiful part of the world! I had so many favourites from this session, these are just a few. A little back story on the black and whites with the deer. This couple is from Australia so when we saw […]

I think I’ve been subconciously influenced by Aritzia’s photos. I follow Aritzia on Instagram and as I was editing this photo I realized it reminded me of some of their recent posts. Mom happens to be wearing an Aritzia dress too! This is from a session last weekend, thank goodness we didn’t plan it for […]

I had the opportunity to shoot in a natural light studio this past weekend. It’s something a little different for me as I usually do my sessions in my clients homes or outside. Since I’ve already photographed this family several times at their house it was a good opportunity to try something new! As always, […]

More lovely pregnancy photos…and a new location I am loving!

Loved doing this session with this Mom-to-be’s beautiful dress and the water!