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Back from New Orleans and I wanted to post the images from a newborn session I did right before I left. I think I’ll do a New Orleans post soon to let y’all know what we did, saw and ate 😉

Gift prints, what are they? I get asked this a lot. I think it’s the word ‘gift’ that throws people off. Well I’m here to tell you that really has no meaning to the product. You can gift it or keep it for yourself, doesn’t matter. What does separate these prints from my other prints […]

What a wonderful start to the new year with this session. If you ever wonder if you’re too late for ‘newborn’ photos I hope these photos will put your mind at ease. This baby is four months old – alert, playful, smiley. Not exactly the same as newborn but just as good.

I’ve been noticing more and more Moms asking me to photograph them nursing their babies. As a Mom who’s THISCLOSE to finishing nursing my own baby I know how special it is to have these photos. This photo session was just of Mom and her daughter in her gorgeous nursery nursing and cuddling. I know […]

I just got back from my girls trip to Palm Springs. We had so much fun! It was a much needed break. I had all these plans of places I was going to go and see and we did NOTHING! ha ha. We went out for dinner but otherwise spent our days in the pool […]

This family reminded me so much of my own. Two older boys and now a baby girl. The boys were very much like mine, we joked that our middle children seemed to know from birth they were going to be the ‘middle child’. I think they might be surprised I got the below family photo […]

Sharing some sessions from this past year.

Smiley just like his sister was!

I’ve been so terrible at sharing photos lately. Trying to get everything done before this baby comes but I’m editing tonight and thought I’d share this one. Love this family, I’ve been honoured to capture all three of these kids as new babies.