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Griffith Woods is one of my favourite locations for maternity photos in Calgary. We were lucky enough to have a light snowfall – not enough to wreck hair, but just enough to look so pretty! A winter maternity photo session in Calgary can go many ways. It could be -30 but we were lucky, it […]

From Mom – ‘We love the photos so so much!! Thank you!!! You were right – you somehow did manage to get a lot of fantastic photos of S*, which of course are my favorites. So happy you caught the ones of him kissing the bump ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Thank you again!’ I have more Mini Maternity […]

Are you considering a maternity photo session this year? Send me a message and letโ€™s talk about how we can make your maternity photo session special and unique to your family! To see more of my maternity photography please click HERE.

Mini Maternity Sessions! Next one is Sunday August 16th from 10-12. Click HERE for more information.

Mini maternity sessions can be the best option for some couples. What does the end result actually look like though? Well here are the images from a recent Mini Maternity Session done at Venue308 in Calgary. If you’d like more information on booking a Mini Maternity Session, click HERE.

Maternity Mini Sessions Would you like maternity photos before your little one arrives but just don’t need a full session? Do you have other little ones (or perhaps a reluctant husband!) and a short and sweet session sounds more bearable than an hour long session? Do you just want some great photos of your pregnant […]

Would you believe these were taken on that frightful May snowstorm day a few weeks back? With Calgary you just never know right? I’m so glad we were able to use this beauty of a location for this couple’s maternity photos.

Three maternity sessions this weekend, all with brand new Momma’s to be! A sneak peek at one of them ๐Ÿ™‚  

What’s happening in this session? A whole lot of everyday life. Building, cuddling, jumping, running, colouring, snacking, hiding, tickling. With toddler twins I know the session needs to be led by them. Not making them sit in a certain position or asking them to look at me. I take their cues and just let them […]